Monday, 24 January 2011

Rain Stops Play

I've had a fantastic training period through Christmas and was looking forward to the Wellington Day Scorching Tri yesterday to test the legs.

For once I was actually resting down a bit and I had planned to really smack the bike, especially after some promising signs after a bike fit from Paul at Capital Cycles.  My folks arrive in NZ on Friday so I took the day off and met them in Auckland, planning a few days touring around Coromandel before I left them in Rotorua on Sunday night to fly back for the race Monday am.

Unfortunately, the weather gods weren't with me and after 3hrs waiting at Rotorua airport the flight was cancelled - the weather in the north hasn't exactly been welcoming to my folks! So I spent another day hanging with the Olds yesterday and resigned to missing the race.

In the end the terrible conditions hit Welly too and the tri was cut to a 15k run, so I was pleased to get extra day with my parents and to play the tourist, admiring Kiwi's and swimming in lush, clear, warm Rotorua lakes.

There is a splash n dash tmrw so I'll give that a bash to test the legs.  750m swim and 5k run is not quite the race I was after but it will have to do...

More soon.