Thursday, 1 March 2012


Ironman New Zealand 2012

24hrs to go until race time, I'm up here in Taupo waiting to see what happens with the race.  At briefing last night the team confirmed that the central plateau severe weather warnings are likely to have an affect on the race tomorrow.  The forecast is for the strong winds to stay, although to move around to the north overnight (Friday) and torrential rain to come in at the same time. However, the southerly change due on Saturday morning is likely to be the deal breaker.  If the change happens too early the swim will be blown out - yesterday we had a couple of foot of wind swell on the lake - and they may drop to a two lap swim or even a duathlon.  

Waking up this morning the wind has dropped a little and it's still dry.  Plus the forecast looks a little better, we have a 'special' weather briefing at 4PM this afternoon when we may hear the race plan.  Although it's probably more likely we'll have to wait until 6AM race day to hear the race plan.  

Either way I can't wait.  No Hawaii slot pressure this year, the training has been going well and I'm ready to go...

More later.