Monday, 10 November 2008

Testing and final preparation for Arizona

I took a trip over to the Human Performance Unit at the University of Essex last Friday, to get a couple of benchmark tests done and see if all the hard work over the last year has paid off. Thankfully it looks like it has. i am still waiting for the official results, but my cycle ramp test showed a maximal increase from 435watts in June to 460watts. Better still my run endurance test showed an average increase of 1kph for the same lactate levels and exertion as in the same test in June. Great confidence building stuff for when I need to remind myself I am well trained for a fast Ironman.

Everything is looking good for the race next weekend, which really can't come soon enough. I am starting to lose my sense of humour with the dark nights and wet sessions ! I also seem to be very tired and have several niggles at the moment; a sore hand and a tight hip flexor - I guess it's only to be expected as the volume drops and my body comes goes into a bit of recovery.

I'm ready, the bike is ready, all the logistics are sorted, the weather in Phoenix has dropped from the 30's to the low 20's, so I'm good to go. 12 days to keep out of the way of sick people, wash my hands every 5mins, take loads of Vit C, keep drinking water and sleep a lot...

I'll try to post something ASAP after the race but Lynz and I are taking a few week holiday in Vegas and California, so don't expect too much!

On race day, 23rd Nov, you should be able to keep up to date at, via their athlete tracker

Wish me luck, Laurence

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