Monday, 25 January 2010

2nd at Scorching Bay - Wellington Day Tri

I had a great a local Olympic distance race today. Nice to have no travel stress and to race on home (kind of) roads. I forget how hard it is racing like that short thought, my legs are pretty beat up this evening.

It was another cracking race and mentally much better than last weekend. We had a bit of wind swell in the sea swim and my wetsuit came undone in the first 200m so I had to pause at the first buoy to do it up, I lost maybe 20secs and the back of the 2nd pack, but was really pleased with how I swam after that. I pushed back through the field and came out about 12th, still pretty crap (I certainly swim much better in calm seas), but it was a positive swim. And I learnt to double check my wetsuit zip.

After feeling i'd ridden a little beneath par last weekend I just went out to kill it today. It was a normal Wellington windy day so times were down a bit, but I went from 12th to 3rd on the bike with the fastest split of the day. HR was constant around 155-160 to the end and I was really pleased with the even effort.

Run was a bit of a battle of wills to start with, just getting the turnover going and keeping form, but by the 3rd k I was tapping out 3:50’s and finished with the 2nd fastest run split in 38mins, and 2nd overall. Time wasn’t great at 2:10, but I was pretty pleased to put in solid race in pretty windy conditions.

It seems there are rarely position prizes in New Zealand, but I won a bag of coffee in the spot prize competition, plus it was a free race, given to me for marshalling last month. Sometimes you've really got to love the way they do things out here!

Everything is looking pretty much on track for Taupo. I've a few big weeks now, plenty of time on the bike and some big 5hr tempo rides. This weekend I'm up to Tongiriro for a 27k trail run and then Sunday I'm nipping to taupo for a 1/2 IM simulation on the Ironman course, so I'm be even more beat next Monday.

Below I've thrown up a few pics from Wanaka last weekend. Check out the hot new Human Performance race Team Kit!

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