Sunday, 5 September 2010

Creeping up the ranks

2nd place at Hawkes Bay Half Marathon

A pretty pleasing race at the weekend in Havelock North, Hawkes Bay.

Going into the race I'd checked the last couple of years of results and last year I would've needed a 1:16 to win, the year before that a 1:21.  Considering my form and the amount of fast work I've done I thought I was in about 1:20 shap - so a podium could be possible.

Hawkes Bay was a great excuse for a weekend away and we managed to get out of town in good time on Friday afternoon, ready for a Saturday morning race. 

The half marathon followed the 2nd half of the marathon route, so a couple of hundred of us jumped onto buses at 9:30 and were scooted into the middle of nowhere (a windy road with two porta-loos) ready for the 10am start.  It was a cracker day with blue skys and low teen temps, but the wind was fairly howling - I thought i'd left that in Wellington!

Onto the start line with 3 seconds to spare, we were immediately off, and I immediately fell into 3rd.  Within 500m I took the guy ahead for 2nd and then set about trying to claw back the 10m that 1st place had on me.  The wind was pretty strong all the way through the first 12k with relentless rolling hills. 


I kept pushing to try to bridge up to him but by half way mark I was nearly a minute off him.  Unfortunatly that's pretty much how it carried on with 1st taking 2:30 out of me by the finish.

A pretty pleasing run, an average HR of 172 represents a good level of effort and although the time was terrible 1:25:13 it doesn't mean much for a half marathon with over 300m of ascent and such strong winds.  The guys at the finish were telling us that the course was 7mins off a pb course (with the wind), so perhaps I am in the 1:20 shape I think I am.  Certainly the winner (Thomas Bridgeman) should be better than a 1:22 considering he is running 16:30 5ks at the moment.

Interestingly I took no food or energy in this race and felt much flatter than on the Munter.  I think a was belt with some a gel bottle is the next purchase.

Two weeks until the big Abel Tasman Coastal Classic (37k trail) run and then back to the UK for some R&R, a catch up with coach Dave and the small matter of a John O'Groats to Lands End ride.

finish straight

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