Friday, 26 November 2010

Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge (Enduro)

So it's 6:30pm in Taupo.  I've had a few naps today, an easy run and a swim on the IM course.  But now it's time to get to bed again.

At 1:30am I start the Lake Taupo Cycle Challange, along with 66 others we are riding it twice, so 320k.  Not as mad as those guys that are out there doing 4 laps.  Or the real nut-bars who started on Wednesday and are doing 8, 1280k!, but still seems plenty stupid now I'm here...

After the JoGLE ride last month I've backed up with some decent rides, including a 265k a few week back.  The bike strength is coming back, but I'm not sure what 10hrs+ in the saddle is going to be like, especially with the first 5hrs in the dark.  Guess I"ll know tmrw.

More details when it's all done!


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