Wednesday, 1 December 2010

First Day of Summer, First Splash n Dash and a year in Wellington

Summer officially started in New Zealand today and it's actually feeling like summer.  Which is more than it was a year ago when I arrived in pouring horizontal rain and an antarctic southerly wind!

It's also pretty much a year to the day since my first Oriental Bay Splash n Dash.  A 700m open water swim followed by a 3k dash!

Splash n Dash 1st Dec 2010
After the epic ride at the weekend I've been feeling pretty shattered this week.  Thankfully Dave (Dave Parry, HPU) was gentle on me and has given me a pretty light week to recover.  But even so I've been struggling to get going.

With 320k in the legs and not all that much swimming recently I wasn't too confident going into the dash tonight.  Compared to last year I was perhaps a minute faster and the run about the same.  Considering the weekend that's pretty much as good as I can expect.

First transition of the yr :(
Fingers crossed by the weekend I'll be a bit more recovered ready for the first tri of the season.  I took the BMC (TT bike) out this morning for it's first trip of the season and it sure feels fast having been on the standard road bike for the last few months, I'm hoping my bike will at least will be strong and with fresher legs the run will be a bit better.

Still lots to do but perhaps I'm in a little better shape than this time last year.

Love to everyone at home in the UK.  Sorry to hear about all your snow.  There's always a spare room in Welly and it's summer now!

Thank you Mels for hanging out on the beach and taking the pics xx

Mexican visitor come to view the racing!
Gun show

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