Wednesday, 13 July 2011

T - 86 Days

With the big run block done it's into a solid build phase to Hawaii.

86 days to go is pretty terrifying.  Especially, as this was the week when Wellington decided the mildest autumn / early winter on record should come to a stormy end and she's throwing all sorts of horrid dark weather at us. Well me.

Thankfully I've secured the hire of a Taxc Fortius VR (wind) Trainer.  It was cheaper to rent this for 3 months than buy a bottom of the range turbo and frankly it's got enough bells and whistles to almost make training indoors fun.  You can even steer it!

Thank you to Elite Race Rentals for the quick and efficient service.

So this week the hard bike miles have started.  I'm not feeling as weak as I was worried I would, so there is a little confidence I can be in pretty average shape in a month or so.  The swimming has been ticking over on 2 or 3 swims a week and the running, although no fast, is feeling good. 

So actually, with 86 days to go, I'm shaping up ok to not embarrass myself too much out in the sun with the best in the world :p

P.s If anyone has a Fortius and can give me tips on how the hell it all works, please get in touch!

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