Monday, 13 July 2009

IM switz

I'll write a proper report later. But for now just a quick one to thank everyone who supported, on the course and especially all those that mailed, text and posted on our forum.

Offered 9:29 with a puncture on Friday I would have taken it. But offered 34th in AG I might not have been so keen. The standard yesterday (maybe helped by some drafting) was incredible. I had a slightly ropey swim, hitting T1 in 63mins, a quick transition and I picked up a puncture at 15k on the bike. 4mins later I was off again and the rest of the bike was good. A great course of decent hills and mega fast pancake flat lakeside.

Off the bike in 5:06 (about 6:12 on the clock) I hit out at 3:10 pace. This lastest two miles before I setled into 3:15 pace which seemed sustainable. Bumped into Justin Webbs teamate Tim Bishop (Optima Race Team) half way into the 2nd lap (of four) and we ran together for nearly 10miles. Thank Tims, without you I would have almost certainly dropped off more. Tim ran off about 20miles and in the end took me for just over a minute. Well done on the Hawaii slot mate.

The last 10k were pretty brutal, the last 5.5 were impossibly hard - sorry Ed there was no chance to enjoy them! Bu I was really chuffed to dip under the 9:30 mark.

In the end I would have needed to go 9:08 to be guaranteed a slot. So even without the bad swim and puncture I would have been lucky to get within 15mins of a slot this time.

Not sure yet what's next. A week or so of R&R and a 'fun' trip to the Ventoux and I'll start making some plans. IM NZ is looking good for next spring!

Thanks again everyone. Lxx

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