Saturday, 11 July 2009

Ironman Switzerland T - 14 hours

Another easy day today, plenty of fluids and time off my feet - I could get used to this.

We took an easy swim in the lake this morning and it was clear and warm. Nice place for a bun fight!

Also got driven around the bike course by a teammate. It's a cracker. 30k flat along the lakeside. 35k of hills including a couple of decent 5k climbs and then fly back down to the lakeside for another 20k of flat apart from a short sharp ascent of 'heartbreak hill'. And repeat.

The bike is checked in and nothing more to do but gather my bits for the morning, eat some more pasta and get an early night.

Don't forget you can watch my progress at and I'll post an update soon as I can.

Cheers for all the good luck msgs.


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