Thursday, 17 February 2011

Cracked Zipp rim disaster

Tuesday night I picked the TT bike up from Capital Cycles, and it was looking awesome, everything ready for Taupo in 2 weeks.

Weds was my last decent long ride and I was really pleased to roll through 5hrs and 177k without too much drama.  Drama that is apart from hitting a bloddy great pot hole.  A big cracking noise, no hiss and I thought I'd got away with it.

However, I got up for a steady 2hr spin this morning and noticed a slight catch on the rear wheel, further investigation in the dark and there's a decent CRACK IN MY 808!!!

Does anyone know if they can be fixed?  And if so does anyone know anyone in New Zealand that could do it in 2 weeks...?

Alternatively, anyone want to lend me an 808 / 1080 for two weeks - I promise not to pull it through any pot holes!

Any great ideas?


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shengke lim said...

Hey I've got a 808 as well, Ive notice a small crack along the spoke and the rim.... Yurs have warrenty?? What year model is urs?