Sunday, 27 February 2011

Raring to go

Thanks for all the notes and suggestions over the last week re my knackered 808.  Thankfully the insurance came through, and yesterday I picked up a shiny new wheel from the ever obliging Capital Cycles.  So the bike is ready for next weekend. 

I've made quite a few changes to the bike over the build, changing to a tri saddle whilst dropping it down a touch and forward a long way.  Also I've moved my cleats back on my shoes so the pedal axle is behind the balls of my feet.  There's been a lot trialing but it's been locked in for over 6 weeks and I've not ridden anything but the TT rig since Christmas so it's feeling pretty comfy.  Importantly I feel like I can stay on top of a bigger gear now. 

This week I'll try get some pics of the full bike and maybe even some of the newly logo'd race strip.

This morning was my last decent session before race day on Saturday; a race sim of 1.5hrs bike and 30mins run both, at race pace. The legs are starting to feel good and the apathy and tiredness I've come to expect from the start of a taper is wearing off.  

I got some advice from an ex-pro Kiwi long distance triathlete the other day. She said "when it comes to taper whatever you think you should do, do less and make sure you have loads of energy on race morning".  Sounds simple ;)

For once I'm managing not to gorge myself and put on a couple of last minute kilo's during my taper.  Two more days of work and then it's up to Taupo for the Ironman Circus.  Seems like everyone in Wellington is going to be up there next Saturday so fingers crossed this year I'm in the mood for a party come Saturday night.

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