Sunday, 27 March 2011

Officially entered 2011 Ironman World Championship, Hawaii + Final Scorcher

Ironman Hawaii - the gift that keeps giving.

Although I paid the money at Taupo I still had to register for the event, during a 10 day window, otherwise I'd miss my slot. Thankfully I remembered and just went through rego, so that's it I'm officially entered for the World Champs in October.

Now I just need to work out how to get the there. I think there may have to be a couple of flight fund raising sausage sizzles!!

I also raced the last Scorching (olympic) tri of the year today.  Pretty uneventful and certainly I was a little lacking in sparkle.  A super long swim (it was around 2k after the buouy drifted during the race) left me way back. Although I had a reasonable bike leg it should have been a couple of mins quicker.  Onto the run and I didn't feel bad, just a bit flat.  Probably the result of a lot of slow (Oxfam training) running over the last two weeks, including 2.5hrs yesterday and only 3 rides since Ironman.  5th place and 2:17 with a 30minute swim is what I expected.

It'll be great to get Oxfam 100k done in two weeks, have a little rest and get back into a routine.  I'm pretty excited about the shape I could have next year after a decent winter of work.

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